We are educated in understanding the interaction of all your body parts. Patients first receive a thorough evaluation.  The therapist creates and individualized treatment program to address the specific deficits identified in the evaluation.  The goals are established based on the therapist's findings and the patient's own treatment expectations.  Patients are then managed and monitored individually by the licensed professional staff through out the course of treatment.  Our clinic specializes in Sports Related injuries, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Workman's Comp, Orthopedic, Pediatric Rehab, Post-Surgical rehabilitation, Neurology, musculoskeletal disorders and an exercise prescription including "core stabilization skills". By using a comprehensive approach the physical therapist is able to match the appropriate treatment for the appropriate patient with the appropriate condition.  The philosophy is to HELP PATIENTS HELP THEMSELVES.  As the patient reach their goals in physical therapy, they are taught home exercise programs and the given strategies for preventing additional injuries.  Even though we offer massage therapy in the course of the patient's treatment, we also have patients who just come in for strictly massage therapy. 

Many of our patients have found that continuing their exercise regimen after the prescribed therapy period has ended makes a significant impact on ensuring continued strength, balance, flexibility and coordination. This is what makes us different from any physical therapy facility in our area.